Can the church’s most influential mission field be right here at home? Karen Covell thinks it can. A producer in the entertainment space, Karen sees firsthand how boycotts of things distasteful to the church don’t work—in fact, those being boycotted often react in the opposite way. She encourages the church to see Hollywood as the biggest opportunity they have to reach the world and to pray for them accordingly.

Who is Karen Covell? Karen Covell is the co-founder and producer for JC Productions, an independent music production company that she runs with her husband, Jim. She is also the co-owner and producer at Joint Effort, a film production company, and the founding director of the Hollywood Prayer Network. She has authored several books, including How to Talk About Jesus (Without Freaking Out) and The Day I Met God. She and her husband Jim have raised two college-aged sons who are now also entering the film industry.

Karen’s mission is to encourage the Christian church to pray for Hollywood to become an influence for Christ and to bring more Christians to Hollywood, helping to alter the content that comes out of one of the most impactful places in the world.


“I’ve learned that if you pray for someone, you can’t hate them.” — Karen

“They are good, smart people. They just don’t know Jesus.” — Karen

“Hollywood is the world’s most influential mission field. Everything that comes out of Hollywood impacts everyone across the globe.” — Karen

“To impact content, you have to impact the hearts of the people creating it.” — Karen

“We are seeing miracles because people are taking their energy and asking the Lord to do something instead of thinking they can make changes themselves.” — Karen

“We are here to live the love we’ve been offered and to offer it to other people.” — Karen

Action steps:

  • God is the only place we can get our full source of love.
  • You cannot antagonize and influence at the same time.
  • Sometimes the places we think are the safest for us that might be the ones that are most resistant to our bold idea. That doesn’t mean our idea is wrong.
  • We should think of places that we fear because they are antagonistic to Christ as mission fields, regardless if they are close to home or across the world.
  • The best course of action is always prayer. Always.
  • We should pray for places and people not only because they need redemption, but because they offer opportunity.

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