When life is challenging, it’s often hard to believe that God can weave our present messes into something good. As a teenager, Shari Rigby had enough messes she couldn’t even imagine what God might possibly do. Despite all of her self-destructive choices, she now says she is thankful for her story as God is using it to inspire women around the world to discover beauty in the challenges they face.

Who is Shari Rigby? Shari Rigby is an author, Hollywood director, producer, and actress. Her feature films include Not Today, October Baby, Boonville Redemption, Wildflower, Extraordinary (releasing September 2017), and The Journalist (releasing Spring 2018).  She is a former model for Mercedes Benz, Suzuki, and other international brands. Her biography, Beautifully Flawed, co-written with Claire Yorita Lee, is now being made into a feature film that Shari is directing.

As a young woman caught in a cycle of self-destruction, she faced relentless criticism from others saying she wouldn’t amount to anything. Their criticism became the motivation for action and at the age of 25, Shari rededicated her life to the Lord and, with the loving support of her new husband Matthew, began a journey to experience the forgiving and redemptive grace of God. She now inspires women around the world with film, speaking, and her writings to say yes to their own stories and to know that they have been uniquely and beautifully created by a Savior that loves them.


“If we’re able to speak about what God is doing in our lives…somebody will relate and incorporate it into their own lives.” — Shari

“God will take the deepest, darkest secrets and use them for His glory.” — Shari

“We are so beautiful and we are flawed but because of him as a savior, He takes all of that and all of our past and turns them to beautiful.” — Shari

“Keep going. You have purpose. You have beauty.” — Shari

“Sometimes we find that we can get so stubborn about persevering that it becomes obstinance.” — Leary

“Your bold idea comes from God above so be strong, be courageous, be bold, walk in it and know that you were made for greatness.” — Shari

Action steps:

  • Remember that perseverance is the result of suffering (Romans 5:3). Your present suffering is not an indicator of what lies ahead.
  • You may not have supporters for your bold idea, but stay the course and ask God for someone to support you in it.
  • Who can you help because of what you’ve learned by persevering through your challenges?

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