Why do some ideas take off while others wither and die? What’s killing your ideas before they even have a chance to grow and thrive? You may think you’re alone in struggling to get your bold idea off the ground, but many creatives struggle with common problems. Leary and Armin have identified three bold idea killers that will stop you from executing your ideas.

In this episode, Leary and Armin are walking you through the three common problems that will kill your bold idea before it even gets started. Listen in to learn how to identify these bold idea killers in your own life and overcome them before they stop you from sharing your ideas with the world.


“We often think that we have to have control over all the outcomes of our idea. That’s a fantasy.” — Leary

“The difference between a goal and a desire: A goal is something you can take responsibility for, and a desire is something you can’t.” — Leary

“It’s an idea killer when we can’t make a distinction between what’s a healthy goal and what’s a healthy desire.” — Leary

Passion pulls you toward something you cannot resist. Drive pushes you toward something you feel compelled or obligated to do. If you know nothing about yourself, you can’t tell the difference.” — Randy Komisar

“The more awareness you can have, you become the type of person that doesn’t just react to things but that has the ability to think before acting.” — Armin

“You always have a choice between living reactively and creatively.” — Leary

“If we’re made in the image of the creator, why don’t we spend more time creating?” — Leary


Action steps:

  • Give up trying to control every aspect of your bold idea. Only God can control everything.
  • Question your motives if an idea feels purely altruistic. A bold idea that you’re called to pursue should hold some appeal for you as well.
  • Spend time getting to know yourself and engaging in deep questions. This is the only way to discover your true passions vs. following someone else’s agenda.
  • Don’t live life reactively. Set aside time to pursue your passions with purpose.

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