How can you discern the difference between a good idea and a God idea? What are some of the main themes that have emerged from the twelve interviews we’ve had with people whose ideas proved to be God ideas? You have been asking, so let us boil it down for you!

Prayer has always been a key part of God ideas, yet many of us are either frustrated by not receiving an immediate answer or too impatient to get started to wait for some kind of guidance. There’s a time to stop praying and start working; there is also a time to lay down your pursuits so that you can look for divine direction. God ideas may not always produce the outcome you expected or hoped for. However, since they are from God, they will accomplish His purpose and plan.


“If you can put a formula around what makes a God idea a God idea, it’s your idea, it’s not God’s.” —Leary

“If you are following God, despite you, He will make it work because He started the work.” —Armin

“I know my faith will make something possible, but as soon as I start the journey, I always assume, whether it’s conscious or subconscious, that because it’s a God thing it’s supposed to be easy.” —Armin

“The test of a God thing is […] ‘what does it do to your relationship with God?’ Don’t suppose for a moment […] that if you are pursuing something and you are cold in your heart toward God that it’s a God thing.” —Leary

“It might just be about the journey; it might not be about the outcome. The outcome might be the internal work that He did in you. There might be a spiritual, mental, emotional maturing somehow.” —Armin

“‘God, I’m calling on You to help me discern among all the things that I have in front me, what is the best, most honoring way to display the gifts You’ve given to me and to be a good steward of what You’ve given me.’ And I think that’s what turns a good idea into a God idea.” —Leary

“God ideas always start with surrender.” —Ashlee Assadi

Action plan:

  • Get on with it. Faith and works come together in God ideas. Those who are frustrated may simply need to act on the idea and take the first step of obedience.
  • Stay focused on today. Don’t live in the past or in the future because you will miss opportunities. Regret and worry rob you of the progress you could be making today.
  • Don’t be the god of the idea. Ask yourself if you are willing to accept any outcome of the idea, whatever God’s definition of its success looks like.
  • Know that God ideas aren’t automatically easy. It’s in time of suffering that we are closest to God. Rough patches aren’t necessarily proof that the idea isn’t from God. In fact, He cares more about your relationship with Him than about the earthly success of the idea.

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