What is your talent? Does the training you use for your work or hobbies have the potential to make up your calling? Sometimes, we overlook these very obvious traits as being just part of what we do, not as corresponding to a bold idea. Dan Wallrath reminds us that God uses even what we consider the most mundane of our abilities to significantly bless others.

Who is Dan Wallrath? Dan built custom homes in Houston for 30 years. Just as he was thinking of retirement, he had the opportunity to use his home-building expertise to help out wounded veterans and their families. This turned into the Operation FINALLY HOME ministry. Dan is the founder and president and has watched the ministry grow to build well over 100 homes in 34 states. Dan and his wife have 2 sons and 4 grandkids and live in Texas.

Your calling may be sitting right in front of you. Dan Wallrath used his home building talents as his career before he embarked on his ministry to military service members. Although none of his life’s work had anything to do with the military, God saw fit to call him to build homes and useful living spaces for wounded soldiers, relieving both the stress of sudden life change and the financial burden of serious injury. Dan took small steps of Spirit-led obedience that God revealed as his calling.


“God put this passion on my heart to do this because I had the availability to build homes and help these families.” —Dan

“You can […] take these struggles and all these experiences and you can let them change you to the bad and use them as excuses. […] I thank God for my experiences because through all the struggles, I think it has made me the person I am today.” —Dan

“You can’t have a testimony unless you have a test.” —Dan

“It’s nothing that I can take credit for because He has led this thing the whole way. He has put things in place that I couldn’t imagine.” —Dan

“If God puts something on your heart or mind, no matter how ridiculous it seems, do it. There is no way for any of us to know the ripple effects of when we obey God through the smallest act of obedience, God can use us to transform more lives, bless more people, impact more of the world around us than we could ever imagine.” —Armin

Action steps:

  • Don’t be afraid to tell God, “Yes, I’ll do this.”
  • Use the talent God has given you for His glory. Be open to what God has in store for you.
  • Make successive steps of obedience and saying yes. Your calling will emerge through your obedience in the little assignments. Unlike a simple prompting of the Spirit, a calling gets amplified again and again.

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